• cramim hotel

cramim hotel

Me and my mom have visited this hotel just recently, and we had a lot of fun!!

its located in a beautiful place that is perfect for photographers and its a real play ground for instagrammers :) :)

The food was really good, and the spa there was amazing, there are a lot of Hammams and lots more treats ...

I really recommend you to visit that wonderful and beautiful hotel and i had a lot of fun there!

We noticed that there are a lot of couples but still me and my mom had our own romantic honey moon ;)

I was madly IN LOVE with the pictures that we made there !

The hotel is located on a hill outside of Jerusalem, approximately a 15-minute drive from the city and a 40-minute drive from Tel Aviv.

Cramim Hotel is surrounded by villages, monasteries, boutique wineries, fountains and hidden hiking trails – outstanding settings which way you go. There are many things to do in the area: restaurants of various styles including several that specialize in the local cuisine, cafés, art galleries and much more.

As suggested by the hotel's name, as Cramim means 'vineyards' in Hebrew, the region is home to many vineyards of unique grape varieties, alongside several exceptional boutique wineries that established the county as the "wine region" of Jerusalem and Judea Mountains.

THE shoes: louboutin.

THE SHOES: louboutin.

A shoe has so much to offer then just to walk... ;) ;)

Sunglasses: miu miu.

The sweater: COS.




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