• danielleterem

tropical islands berlin

A tropical sea, sandy beach and palm trees just 60 km from Berlin .

This place is a closed place that no matter what ,it is always hot inside !!

i think that its a really special and cool place to go on vacation and i had a really good time, i felt like i am really in a tropical island ;)

i went there with my family and we slept in a tent, there is a zone with restaurants and frozen yogurt that i spent a lot of time there :) :)

there is two big pools that one of them is the beach, there is even a jungle !

you can also go there in the summer cause there are pools outside also, that are really hot and actually you can go in them even in the winter, there are lots of activities and lots of things to see and do there !

so i really recommend you to visit there if you are ever in Berlin or near by.

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