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guide to Mykonos

Best beaches

There are many many beautiful beaches in Mykonos , I think we visited most of them during our trips to this hectic island )Yes exactly hectic, because Mykonos is full of parties events and great restaurants busy downtown area , which makes it very hectic and fun ! So it depends on how many days you planning to stay there , maybe you can’t visit all the beaches , I made you list of my favorites! To my opinion those beaches definitely worth visiting , enjoy 😊

1. Scorpios

- if someone would ask me how I fell in love with Mykonos ,my answer is - Scorpios ! It’s an outstanding beach you can’t miss out visiting on your trip to this beautiful island ! It’s a huge space right on the small cliff type area overlooking the sea . It has few levels, terraces , restaurants .... And even more -few times a week it turnes to hottest nightclub under the sky ! I would say Scorpios it’s not a beach it’s way of living.... All designed in natural colors of the earth .Not only furniture all over restaurants and sun beds and towels , but also all the servants and stuff dressed in contemporary- Ancient Greek style ! From the minute you drop off your car at the wallet and enter beautiful lobby with hostesses dressed in stylish concept outfits you feel like you entered different era , and it’s magical ! Make sure when you make a reservation to check what area would you like to spend your day / evening at ! It could be restaurant , beach - different areas and types of sitting ,sunset beach , terrace... We tried every all of them - perfect , I would definitely recommend sunset beach ! It’s perfect , for the party you want to be in a terrace . Food is excellent, stuff is very very professional and friendly . And if all that is not enough, and you want to feel like part of this whole stylish experience, there is amazing boutique on the property! Caravana- brand from Tulum , Mexico . All natural fabrics all handmade , you will fall in love !(All stuff members at Scorpios wearing Caravana , even though its quite pricey!!!)

2. SantAnna:

another beautiful stylish beach , of course wallet parking , beautiful dressed in style hostesses would great you with smile and take you on tour of the property ! This space besides beautiful designs and style got also gorgeous pool ! You can rent beds by the pool or on the beach ( both connected ) and travel back and forward ))) Stuff super professional and friendly , entertainment team by the pool , great music , drinks and food , comfortable sun bed ... What else to wish for ? Ahh , and of course like every Mykonos beach , it has wonderful parties ! Check the schedule for the dates !

3. Principote :

truly breathtaking view of the quiet lagoon , the sea is absolutely flat and see through clean waters ! All white and natural colors , knitting patterns all over the space even umbrellas over sun beds handmade knitting from white ropes ! Entering Principote will make you feel like real royalty experience . Restaurant soft sofas with crown pillows , chill out music - elegance and style in every detail ! Signature cocktails fresh delicious dishes .... Perfection!

4. Kalua :

absolutely gorgeous beach settings! Recently renovated ,All white with chains ,knitting patterns wooden and feathers details combined in stunning perfectly designed space for dinning chilling sipping special cocktails to the high quality sound of music , soak up the sun on gorgeous white beds and take a swim between delicious kitchen creations !

5. Nammos )))-

of course legendary Nammos ! Who haven’t been to Nammos haven’t been to Mykonos ))) Very fancy , delicious food , perfectly clean , super super comfortable beds ! Great restaurant. Parties every afternoon with all the rich and famous ))) New Shopping area opened at Nammos Village with high style boutiques collection - LV , Dior, Gucci..... The only thing I don’t like about Nammos is that it’s two crowded, you may feel uncomfortable of how much bed close to each other and you don’t have space at all ... And it’s quite pricey... Other then that - wonderful experience!

So this is my list of my favorite beaches in Mykonos . Wanted just to add , that service is wonderful in all of them , they all have wallet parking , all perfectly clean and have perfectly clean bathrooms and showers . The only thing you should take into consideration that it’s not cheap , 2 sun beds and umbrellas will cost you about 100-150 💶, depends on the beach , and if you order cocktails and food it can end in a bill about 300-500 💶 (without fancy champagne bottles)))) Does it worth it ? Yeah baby ))))

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